Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

Louis CK hits the nail on the head.  I could add so many more… these are the things that I tell my kids.  Why did I actually look forward to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang once a year, or why did I actually watch Zoom when I was a kid?  Because we only had four *@&#$! channels.  Remember when you had to find a pay phone when you were away from home and needed to call someone?  They go on and on.

UPDATE: Thanks go out to Jeff for pointing out that the video will not play in the embedded form shown above.  Use this link to the video on YouTube.  This is a lesson for me about actually testing a new post rather than just looking at it!

2 responses to “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

  1. “Embedding disabled by request.” Got a link to the YouTube video?

  2. You are correct, thanks!. I should have tested that post before publishing it.

    I updated the entry as well, but here is the link to the Lousis CK video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoGYx35ypus

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