What the lobbyists are saying

Writing over at No Quarter, Larry Johnson has an interesting perspective on lobbyists and the Obama administration.  It is short, so I am quoting his entire post here:

Just got back from lunch at a Capitol Hill watering hole–the 116 Club. Private place that caters to lobbyists and Senators. I spent most of lunch looking at Tom Daschle’s wife, Linda, who was sitting at a near by table. She’s an attractive lady. I was with a lobbyist who is well plugged in with Democrats and Republicans. So he asked me, “Do you know the nickname the lobbyists have for the stimulus bill?”

“No, what is it,” I replied.

“FYGK, which means we’re going to f*** your grand kids.”

The irony of the stimulus bill is that it is bringing business to lobbyists who are being asked to paw thru the garbage and figure out how to get folks money. When you put this news with the fact the current spending bill is going thru ladened with earmarks you might be a bit leery of Obama’s promise to bring a new day to Washington.

A senior official for a very prominent Democrat stopped by our table and gave my friend an update on the spending bill. He noted that many Republicans will back the bill because they have hefty earmarks in it as well.

Let’s face it–we have a culture of political corruption in Washington that is continuing unabated and Obama is catering to it despite grandiose promises to the contrary.

One other thing is happening–very few lobbyists are willing to take spots in the Obama administration. Like it or not, many of these lobbyists are the genuine experts on the issues they cover. So who is Obama tapping to take the jobs lobbyists might have been given in the past? Hill staffers. Earnest thirty year olds who have spent most of the post-college careers acting as butt boys and girls for various senators and representatives. They may know the Hill but they know very little about the America outside the beltway. Great!! Just what we need. Youthful exuberance tempered by ignorance.

There is an irony here. The lack of experience by these people will ultimately hurt the Obama presidency. His seemingly noble efforts to exclude lobbyists to improve government and reduce corruption actually is having the opposite effect. Unreal.

This is what you get when you elect a guy who is barely qualified to be a small town mayor.

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