Wikipedia covering for their Dear Leader

WND is reporting that the people over at Wikipedia seem to have someone devoted to keeping Dear Leader Obama’s wiki page nice and clean, without any references to the controversies discussed at length during his coronation campaign.  They continue to immediately remove (within 3 minutes!) any reference to the controversy about his still-not-released birth certificate and there are no mentions of racist Jeremiah Wright or terrorist William Ayers.  Do the names George Orwell or Winston Smith ring a bell with anyone?

I predict that a huge scandal will erupt in the next couple of years as Obama’s buddies at Google make modifications to make it more difficult to dig up anti-Obama search results.  Just my $.02, but liberals seem to think that the ends justify the means, that ideology trumps honesty.

From the WND article:

The entire Wikipedia entry on Obama seems to be heavily promotional toward the U.S. president. It contains nearly no criticism or controversy, including appropriate mention of important issues where relevant.

For example, the current paragraph on Obama’s religion contains no mention of Wright, even though Obama’s association with the controversial pastor was one of the most talked about issues during the presidential campaign. 

That paragraph states: “Obama explained how, through working with black churches as a community organizer while in his twenties, he came to understand ‘the power of the African-American religious tradition to spur social change.’ He was baptized at the Trinity United Church of Christ in 1988 and was an active member there for two decades.”  

Ayers is also not mentioned, even where relevant.

WND monitored as a Wikipedia user attempted to add Ayers’ name to an appropriate paragraph. One of those additions, backed up with news articles, read as follows:

“He served alongside former Weathermen leader William Ayers from 1994 to 2002 on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago, which in 1985 had been the first foundation to fund the Developing Communities Project, and also from 1994 to 2002 on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation. Obama served on the board of directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge from 1995 to 2002, as founding president and chairman of the board of directors from 1995 to 1991. Ayers was the founder and director of the Challenge.”

Within two minutes that Wikipedia entry was deleted and the user banned from posting on the website for three days, purportedly for adding “Point of View junk edits,” even though the addition was well-established fact.

The Wikipedia entry about former President George W. Bush, by contrast, is highly critical. One typical entry reads, “Prior to his marriage, Bush had multiple accounts of alcohol abuse. … After his re-election, Bush received increasingly heated criticism. In 2005, the Bush administration dealt with widespread criticism over its handling of Hurricane Katrina. In December 2007, the United States entered the second-longest post-World War II recession.”

The entry on Bush also cites claims that he was “favorably treated due to his father’s political standing” during his National Guard service.” It says Bush served on the board of directors for Harken and that questions of possible insider trading involving Harken arose even though a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation concluded the information Bush had at the time of his stock sale was not sufficient to constitute insider trading.

They need to be called out on this.  The MSM will completely ignore this.

UPDATE: My 14 year old son found this very humorous and tried his own little experiment.  He tried to add information to William Ayers’ wiki page, referencing Obama, and it got removed within minutes.  The justification: since Obama’s page did not mention Ayers, then Ayers’ page should not mention Obama.  Sounds like circular logic to me, given that they are the ones scrubbing Obama’s page of Ayers references.

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