Main Street versus Wall Street

[I found this video via Gateway Pundit.]

I hated having to use that subject for this post… I got sick of hearing this “Wall Street… blah blah <socialist blather here> blah blah … Main Street” mantra during the election.  What bothered me the most was its use for [SOP for Democrats] class warfare rhetoric.

Neil Cavuto pointed out on Fox News that historically, Wall Street is a better early judge of a new President than are the [fickle and typically woefully uninformed (thanks Katie, Brian, and Charlie)] people on “Main Street”.

Cavuto points out that Main Street/the media was wrong on Carter and Reagan while Wall Street was right on both.  Now we are at a point where the proles and the media are in love with our new empty-suit president, but Wall Street is not so enamored.  Wanna bet who will be proven right over time?

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