Tea Party protest update

Michelle  has an update, with pictures, of more Tea Party protests in several cities.

I love this sign:

Hope and Chains

Hope and Chains

How many of you have seen coverage of this on the news?  It feels like a blackout to me.

Check it out here.  And for more pictures, look here.

4/16/2009 Update: Go see pictures of the Atlanta Tea Party here.

4 responses to “Tea Party protest update

  1. goodtimepolitics

    Thanks for the updates, keep the good work up! I also post whatever news I find about Tea Party Event on my blog! Every little bit helps.

  2. I couldn’t make the Tea Party in Atlanta on 2/27, so I hope that there is another one. I want to take my sons down and show them what American freedoms are all about. I attended a few rallies there during the Clinton administration. On that subject, Bill Clinton’s terms now seem refreshingly realistic and practical compared to President Urkel’s feel-good denial of the way economics works.

  3. UPDATE: Another protest is planned in Atlanta on 4/15. For more details, check out the Atlanta Tea Party Facebook group.

  4. I agree that there appears to be a blackout on the MSM. There was some coverage of the Denver Tea Party, but it stayed local and never went national.

    This is where blogs, and the net shine. It is also why the authoritarians want to throttle those sources…

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