Arlen Specter: Good Riddance

The Hill is speculating on the potential that Pennsylvania RINO Arlen Specter will jump to the Democrat party, a place where he would feel more ideologically at home.  Apparently Specter is facing a very tough primary opponent in Pat Toomey, who lost the primary to Specter in 2004 by only 17,000 votes.

Toomey, president of the Club for Growth, a group that advocates for lower taxes and smaller government, bashed Specter’s vote last month for the economic stimulus package.

“Unfortunately, the recent extraordinary response of the federal government — more corporate bailouts, unprecedented spending and debt, higher taxes – is likely to make things worse,” Toomey said in a recent statement.

“I think we are on a dangerously wrong path. Pennsylvanians want a U.S. senator focused on real and sustainable job creation that gets our economy growing again.”

Never having been one to let principles stand in the way of his political career, Specter is seen as likely to flip to the Democrat party.

Good Riddance.

Read the article here.

One response to “Arlen Specter: Good Riddance

  1. Arlen Specter has never been a conservative. At best he was a neo-con, and not even a particularly good one at that.

    I wrote a post called “The Specter of evil” quite some time ago, and nothing has changed since that time. Neither him, nor my opinion of him.

    I say good riddance…

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