Victor Davis Hanson nails Obama: The Great Divider

VDH always has good wide perspectives.  He calls out President Urkel on a number of subjects in an article over at Pajamas Media.  First the ridiculous fact that Mr Obama feels a need to trash Rush Limbaugh, comparing the President’s crybaby public comments to the class shown by the previous President, who was savaged in ways that Mr Obama will never be.

Did George Bush go after Bill Maher or Air American or Keith Olbermann when almost daily they slandered his character? Did he serially evoke Michael Moore? To have done so by name, would have demeaned his office. Worry about refuting conservative ideas, and governing the country, rather than dueling over the airways with those who get paid for only that. The country wanted a Lincoln, not another Nixon going after Dan Rather at a press conference. So far your administration resembles the latter, not the former.

Then he gets to the President’s blatant class warfare rhetoric:

And there was more still in that address: “A surplus became an excuse to transfer wealth to the wealthy instead of an opportunity to invest in our future. . .Regulations were gutted for the sake of a quick profit at the expense of a healthy market.”

But Mr. President, deficits arose from out-of-control spending, inasmuch as the Bush tax cuts resulted in increased revenue. It is fair to fault the past eight years of profligate spending, but when you engage in such demagoguery, the American people can detect your subtext: “I won’t criticize Bush’s spending because I found it not enough and will trump it; I will criticize his tax cuts, since I want to make the wealthier pay for my even greater borrowing.”

Cutting taxes on everyone who pays them is not transferring wealth, unless you believe that one’s own income belongs to the government in the first place. Under Bush, nearly 50% of the tax filers for the first time paid no income tax at all—hardly a transfer of wealth.

As far as “gutting” regulations go, I don’t think you wish to go there—given the careers of Franklin Rains, a disgraced Jim Johnson (of your recent hire), Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd, who not only really did gut regulations that were at the center of the financial meltdown, but profited from such complicit laxity.

He closes with a comment about the radical transformation that Comrade Obama is attempting to foist on Americans:

A final note. You are engaged on a vast revolutionary agenda, one that if successful will create a high-tax, big government, large entitlement, UN-centered, and European-emulating country, far different from America of the past. Given you political skills and the current economic crisis, you, as FDR once did, may well pull it off.

But there will come a time, when you will rue the politics of class warfare and the rhetoric of the demagogue—and may find the very intensities that you are unleashing for political advantage now, later on will be precisely those that you most regret that even you cannot control.

So a little less ‘Bush did it’ or Rush this and Sean that, and a little more of the need of all Americans to debate in calm and respect dissension in these times of uncertainty in which no one has all the answers.

When the facts and the realities of economics are not on your side, you have to approach it with the level of dishonesty and rhetoric that Mr Obama and his minions are employing.  Since they cannot win the debate then they want to win the public mudslinging contest.

You people who voted for the least qualified candidate in US history are going to have to answer for your myrmidon-ism.  You have screwed at least a generation of Americans.  Hope and Change, comrades.

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