Voters increasingly skeptical of Comrade Obama

The honeymoon is over, as is the myth that Obama is a new breed of politician or that he is not just another hard-left ideologue hungry for more government power.  Just a brief look at his Big Brother stimulus bill (a multi-generational vote-buying collectivist transfer of wealth) and his massive spending proposals in the budget show anyone who is not still drunk on the Kool Aid (or blinded by skin color) that this empty suit President is just as bad as his detractors said during the coronation campaign.  Big spending, big government class warfare is what this guy has always been about.  This clown is just like all of the others in his party, the only difference is that he speaks well and the media adores him, largely because of the false narrative they penned of him.  He remains little more than a shiny object around which legions of myrmidons gather, awaiting some holy nugget of a cliche to tell them how to live their lives and who to blame for everything (if that jerk uses the word “inherited” again in reference to the Dodd/Frank/Obama financial meltdown I am going to shoot the TV).

PowerLine reports that the “approval index”, or the difference between the “strong” approval rating and the “strong” disapproval rating, is steadily shrinking as people get a better and better look at Obama the President as opposed to Obama the opaque say-anything candidate.  That index now sits at 8 percent:

Obama Approval Index - Rassmussen Reports

John adds:

Overall, 58 percent approve of Obama’s performance so far, while 40 percent disapprove. As we’ve said before, that’s not bad, but it’s nothing special for a newly-elected President. Jimmy Carter was more popular at this stage of his administration.

What’s happening here is that, while media types swoon over Obama’s way with a teleprompter, voters are focusing on something else–the consequences of higher taxes, unprecedented federal spending and control over the economy, and crushing levels of debt. The more they focus on those things, the less they like them.

Most voters will give the Democrats the benefit of the doubt for now. But as the ill effects of the Dems’ policies confirm voters’ skepticism, the stage may be set for a decisive revulsion against the Democrats far-left program. That is, I think, the hope that conservatives need to focus on in 2010 and 2012.

I genuinely thought that Comrade Obama had learned from Bill Clinton’s huge mistake in taking a hard left during his first two years, particularly given how obvious it is that Mr Obama has studied FDR’s unconstitutional power grab when taking advantage of his time’s crisis.  I figured that Obama would be smart enough to govern more from the center but he seems to be a little drunk on his own Kool Aid as well.  He is so full of hubris that he does not realize that he is overreaching to a huge degree.  With the media covering for him it will be too late when he realizes that the regular people (outside of the Beltway or New York) have largely identified him as a huge-spending government loving liberal.

I think that I need to go buy this shirt and start wearing it into liberal areas.  Of course, only the women will comment as liberal men have no cojones.

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