Does Obama represent angry black men?

I would certainly not say that.  I would say that Obama represents the losers in America – those people who are unsuccessful because of the sum of the choices that they have made in their lives but since it would be unconscionable for them to accept their own culpability they have to find someone else to blame.  Enter professional grievance artist Barry Obama…

But anyway, the point of this post was to point out how the Leftist Media has to stash every opposing idea or person into a pigeonhole that makes them feel comfortable and paints that idea or person as extreme.  William Schneider, a hollow leftist shrieking for CNN, belched out the notion that Rush Limbaugh represents “Angry White Men” after watching Rush speak at CPAC.  Leftist hacks like Schneider need to compartmentalize their intellectual opponents like that in order to feel comfortable (and superior) in ignoring the logical points made by conservatives like Rush.  Typical Beta Male approach.

You can watch the video over at Gateway Pundit.

I do not listen to Rush with any regularity but I have to say that, unlike almost all of the elected officials in the GOP, Rush has a pair.  He is willing to speak the truth while many Republicans are still running scared from the zeitgeist that was the corrupt and wildly biased Obama campaign.  Do I want Obama to fail in terms of resurrecting the economy?  No.  Do I want him to fail in his collectivist transformation of America?  Hell yes.

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