CNN: Obama receives “tepid” response from Marines

Writing over at Bottom Line Up Front, Amy Proctor compares the reception that Marines gave President Bush to the “tepid” response that they gave the new CinC when he used them as props for his Iraq withdrawal speech.

Watch the video on her blog entry on this.  Notice how the Marines are completely silent as President Urkel enters the room.  You could not have ordered the Marines to do that when the previous President appeared… they were always raucus.  They know that they have a lot more in common with the previous President (regular guy real man) than the new one (effete metrosexual beta male), and unlike Mr Obama the previous President never trashed them in campaign speeches in order to gain political points with the Daily Kos crowd.

Marines respect men of action more than men of slick (but all too often empty) words.  And they can tell the difference between someone who truly respects them and someone who pays lip service to it simply because he knows that [we] rednecks in flyover country deeply respect Marines and their toughness.

One response to “CNN: Obama receives “tepid” response from Marines

  1. classyjacksonville

    Having been there when Obama visited Camp Lejeune, we were instructed not to applause when he entered the building and remain at the position of attention while “Hail to the Chief” played. We were instructed to hold our applause until the end and so the seemingly tepid response was more the result of marine corps discipline and following the instructions and orders that were given to us, not any sort of commentary on a marine corps wide feeling on our current president.

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