Blindsided By Obama the Radical

Writing in a blog over at FoxNews, Andrea Tantaros puts words to what a lot of us are starting to feel.  Even after this obvious hard-left radical somehow won the presidency those of us who loudly and fervently opposed him during the campaign had an initial hope.  There was this [now obviously feel-good] idea that he was going to govern more from the center, that the hard-left was getting ignored by this newly pragmatic, centrist President Obama.  Some early cabinet picks seemed to support that notion, largely sticking with the Bush people at the Pentagon, etc.  But the huge-spending alleged stimulus package, combined with the President’s proposed budget, lays bare the outright naivete of those of us who wanted to believe that Mr Obama had learned from President Clinton’s mistake of pushing too hard to the left in his first two years.  I had hoped that the well-educated Obama would learn from Clinton’s miscalculations and the loss of power that resulted from that huge mistake.

Ms Tantaros writes:

It has become jaw-droppingly clear that Barack Obama seeks to radically shift the alignment of this country — tying its citizens to their government in a dramatic leftward lunge the likes of which America has never seen before.

Obama deceitfully billed himself a pragmatist on the campaign trail. He was marketed as a “moderate.” After his November victory, pundits predicted he’d govern from the center. — They couldn’t have been more mistaken. Barack Obama is an extremist progressive who seeks to molest our fiscal values and pumps up our reliance on fruitless government programs.

The last several weeks have exposed the reality of President Obama’s agenda.  It is all about collectivism and increases in the size of, and dependency on, government.  I am not sure if Mr Obama genuinely believes that government is the proper solution to every problem but it seems obvious that he is intent on following that course as President.  I think that it is no more complex than the fact that he sees opportunities in the present crisiss not seen since FDR’s power grabs and he wants to strike while the iron is hot.  If he gets more then 50 percent of the people not paying taxes, who knows what he can accomplish…

When Tantaros continues, she hits upon something that has bothered me since well before the election: the immense hubris of Barack Obama.

The cult of personality created by the leftist trifecta of academia, media and the entertainment industry has overtaken Obama’s own self-image. And he believes the hype. Most politicians possess a swollen sense of self-worship. But Obama believes he is the superhero of fanatical Democratic extremism, the green lantern of progressive precept, the Will Smith of left-wing indoctrination.

Obama certainly will be successful in his mission for unparalleled historic recognition. But don’t expect his face on the dollar bill in the future. His notoriety will leave a legendary imprint for all the wrong reasons.

Since there is historical evidence of the results of both the Big Spending and the Tax Cutting approaches to recessions, with the latter outperforming the former hands down, one has to assume deeper motivations to the approach taken by President Obama.  Continuing in the FDR template would suggest he will soon propose three new Supreme Court justices, right?

Read the blog entry here.

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