Obama’s Speech: Same old same old

Does anyone really believe that if the present economic crisis were not occurring that President Obama wouldn’t still be pushing for every single thing that he is pushing for right now?

I am watching the speech right now… he is standing up there arguing for spending money on every off-the-shelf Democratic proposal of the last two decades but he now wants us to believe that it is being done for the economic recovery.  This is just pathetic and it is an outright insult to my intelligence.  If the economy was humming along like it was in the post-Reagan years, he would call for the identical set of massive spending programs with the logic being that we need to invest while times are good.  All he wants is to grow government.

Yeah, the key to the economic recovery is solar and wind farms.  And “Free” health care, paid for with the very tax dollars of the small businesses that the government will be saving by providing the health care.

I actually thought that his speech tonight might be interesting, but I was disappointed.  The guy does a great job of delivering a prepared speech, but it was just the same old same old.  The same old laundry list of collectivist programs, the only thing new is the alleged justification for them.  But the same boatload of myrmidons who elected this guy might buy into it, they are riding the crest of that Bell Curve…

Bobby Jindal’s speech in response had better content but he did not deliver it nearly as well.  I think that he is probably at least as smart as Barack Obama, and likely would make a more practical and thoughtful President, but Gov. Jindal is simply not as polished a public speaker.  Those of you enamored with shiny objects were probably impressed with the President’s speech, but to those of us who are not it was obviously just taken from the decades old Collectivist 101 Speech Template.  They just play games with the current justification for their same-old programs.

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