Stuart Varney vs. ACORN

[via Sweetness and Light]

Stuart Varney interviewed ACORN representative Bertha Lewis on Fox Business Channel and they really got into it.  S&L has a more full transcript, but go watch the video to see for yourself.  This was interesting because not only was Varney tough on her, but when those ACORN people let you see what they really stand for you realize that they are difficult to distinguish from marxist thugs.

Bertha Lewis: Every 13 seconds, Stuart, people are getting foreclosed on and they have the right to protect their homes and to protect their communities. It’s the most American thing you can do to protect your community.

Stuart Varney: ACORN is well known for looking at banks and saying “give us a loan,”….they don’t give you a loan so you scream racism you then invade their offices and demonstrate outside the private homes of bank executives, you embarrass the banks and you force them to give you loans on favorable terms, now…those loans cannot be repaid, you will not leave those homes and your claiming a right to stay in them and have a right to my money to make sure you stay in them, again…I come back to it Bertha, they may be be foreclosing every 13 seconds but you have absolutely no right to that house.

Then he hits the nail on the head:

Stuart Varney: So you invade these homes with a lot of guys. You’re not going to leave, you’re gonna protect these people, we’re gonna stay in the home….You’re a nice lady, your a gentle and a nice lady

Bertha Lewis: No I’m not…

Stuart Varney: But I put it to you….this is political thuggery.

Bertha Lewis: Well, I’m a very determined lady, I don’t think it’s political thuggery and I think it’s thuggery when you put out hard working members of home owners from their homes…’s the thing….

Stuart Varney: And it’s not when you invade a bank managers office so you shout racism? That’s not political thuggery?

Bertha Lewis: Well, it is true….

Stuart Varney: It is….that’s exactly what it is…

Heh.  Go over to Sweetness & Light where I found the video and transcript and check the whole thing out.

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