Atlanta Tea Party coming together

[Thanks to: Michelle]

I came across a mention of an Atlanta Tea Party that is in the early stages of organization.  In case this Tea Party talk is new to you, what will hopefully be a wave of protests against the Democrats’ Pork Package has started as the result of a humorous but dead-on rant on the floor of the Chicago stock exchange Board of Trade by CNBC’s Rick Santelli (I blogged about it here and got more hits on that entry than on anything that I have ever posted).

The still-evolving plan is being organized by the people over at Atlanta Tax Protest.

There are now similar protests planned in other US cities, but since Atlanta is the closest large city to me I fully intend to take the day off and go down there, perhaps with my very political homeschooled kids and some signs, to voice my disgust at the Collectivist’s Wet Dream Generational Wealth Transfer that is masquerading as a stimulus package.

I will keep readers of this blog well informed as to any developments.  If anyone reading this has any comments about a protest in Atlanta or any other city in the Southeast please post them for others to read and comment on.

UPDATE: It is set to be a National Tea Party day on Friday, February 27th.

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