When you can pry it from….

my cold dead fingers.  That pretty much sums up my position on the second amendment and gun control:  you can have my guns when your jackbooted thugs pry them from my cold dead fingers.  Or put another way, I will not give up my guns but I will give up my bullets.  One at a time.

My proud and defiant redneck rhetoric aside, there is a point to this post.  Congressman Bobby Rush (from Illinois, of course, everything crappy these days comes from Illinois!) has introduced a new gun control bill, HR 45.  You can read the entire text of HR45 here.  That congress-speak is a little difficult to read, so you can read a layman’s discussion in this article from ESPN.

The bullet items here:

  • Every handgun and semi-auto rifle would need to be registered with the feds
  • You would need to inform the Attorney General of any address changes within 60 days or face a five year prison term and $250K fine
  • You would have to keep your guns safe from kids (my kids are educated and are their own safety mechanism)
  • If you sell a gun, it can only be sold to another license holder and the Attorney General must be informed

This bill, having no co-sponsors, is unlikely to get anywhere.  But it is nice to get a reminder of how those Big Government loving, Freedom Fearing leftists think.  It is highly interesting to me that the political party that claims that the freedom to an unfettered abortion is the canary in the goldmine of individual rights has no problem with trampling all over the 2nd amendment which, unlike Roe v Wade, actually has a basis in the Constitution.  You can never expect any real respect for the Constitution from a leftist, just go check out what the ACLU fights for (and perhaps more importantly, what it ignores).

Thanks to my friend Andy for reminding me to blog about this proposed bill.

You can check out the two effective pro gun groups here and here.

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