Meghan McCain on the GOP and the internet

[HT: Hot Air]

Writing over at The Daily Beast, Meghan McCain talks about “the party’s crippling technology disconnect—and the new conservative Web zealots who can save the GOP”.  There is a generally held belief that the Democrats marshalled the power of the internet far more effectively than the GOP, and even beyond the fact that Team Obama invented new ways to fraudulently receive illegal campaign contributions it is true.  They wielded technology like a sword while the GOP was the old man in the front yard shaking his fist.

She nails what I have been saying for a while:

We live in an era where most individuals my age get their political news from The Daily Show and SNL‘s Weekend Update. I know this aggravates the old school political operatives to no end, but it’s true. The Obama administration understands that my generation spends most of its day on a laptop or a BlackBerry, and that using the web is easy way to communicate their ideas to their constituents. Making a website, Facebook group, or YouTube video entertaining and enticing is where grassroots campaigning begins. President Obama currently has around five-and-a-half million supporters on Facebook; my father has around five-hundred thousand.

It bugs me to no end that people get their “news” from biased idiots like John Stewart or Seth Whatever Meyer on SNL.  This is how you end up with a lot of people thinking that Sarah Palin actually said that she could see Russia from her house (she did not – it was Tiny Fey doing her rather poor impression of Palin).

I am a conservative high tech guy.  I for one would love to be involved with helping change the GOPs technology problems.  They need to open their wallets and hire good people… there are plenty of non-socialist high tech people.  Heck, the real engineer programmer types are far less likely to be liberals, the liberals are the artsy fartsy folks who can make a web page but cannot program themselves out of a wet paper sack (with a few exceptions).  Those of us who develop the technology that the liberals are so good at harnessing, the plumbing of it all if you will, are far more likely to be conservatives: by definition we are abstract-thinking logical/critical thinkers and as a result far less likely to believe in the collectivism of the left.

So while the thin-veneer advertising sort of web work favors the liberals and their causes, the real engine of technology is something that I think that the right could do a better job of harnessing and exploiting it.  I do not have a hard idea at this point, but I am starting to percolate on this one a lot.

Ms Mcain closes with an inescapable conclusion:

Until the Republican party joins the twenty-first century and learns how to use the Internet, its members will keep getting older and the youth of America will just keep logging on to the other side.

Read Ms McCain’s article here.

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