Chicago Tea Party

[HT: Michelle Malkin]

CNBC’s Rick Santelli had a humorous but spot-on rant about the President’s new plan to bail out those who bought too much house for their income.  The assembled traders behind him cheer and yell a few times in response to what he says, which includes a call for a new Tea Party in Lake Michigan.  It is just refreshing to this fiscal conservative to see other people who feel that way that I do.  We lost the debate on the Porkulus package but we are still funding the entire country….. and we are pissed.   At least I hope so.

Michelle posts about the rallies around the US, and I hope one comes to my area soon as I will be there like white on rice.  She included a couple of pictures of protestors:




7 responses to “Chicago Tea Party

  1. Dear Mr. Obama,

    Will you please pay for my car insurance? And let me know when I should put it out in a junkyard. This should be good practice for when your health insurance decides when I should be put out…

  2. Martha Boucher

    Tea Party – When and Where…let’s do it. We are NOT represented in Congress-for goodness sake no one even read the bill so after the tea party let’s file a class action suit against those who are supposed to be representing us and let them explain how they never even read it; then April 15th we’ll just write “You’re fired” across out tax forms….no money, just fire the bums.

  3. remember this is about “reparations”…so you aren’t
    included. Nor are the successful blacks…just the ones who will help Obama’s devious plan to usher in a grand “welfare” state for capitalists…yes ….when your business fails…and he gets all the minorities…and illegals working those Gov/green jobs…Don’t forget…Ayer’s in “Prairie Fire”…said that socialism is to eradicate “White Supremacy”…Obama’s “Dreams for my Father”…is full of anger at whites…He and Ayers funneled money to ACORN…who is now calling for “Civil Unrest”..and for those sloughs who ACORN encouraged to get bad loans (Obama did too…he took Citi bank to court to force them to make more and more bad loans)ACORN according to Stanley Kurtz and Sol STern has an anti-capitalistic agenda!! People were too busy or stupid or duped to hear Stanley before the election…finally O’reilly and CNN interviewed Stanley Kurtz. Google Stanley Kurtz eppc and read his articles!!! You will want to impeach Obama if you knew the whole truth. Google Frank Marshall Davis and Khalid Al Mansour!!!

  4. @Kathryn: I do not agree with a racial angle here. My lifetime of observations has shown me that members of the societal parasite loser class, who always vote Democrat, come in every color and ethnicity. If this is about a color it is the color RED of the collectivist policies of the Left.

    Stanley Kurtz did yeoman’s work digging for the facts on Obama – in ways that not a single mainstream reporter did during the campaign. Journalism died in America in 2008 after being very sick since that day that Cronkite editorialized about the Vietnam War, and a lot of those still-giddy talking heads do not even know/accept it yet. Nor will they ever admit that their downfall was self-inflicted. Does the name Dan Rather ring a bell?

  5. Just wanted to stop in and give are hearty “here here”! I find it fascinating that conservatives all around the country have finally realized that bumpy thing running down their back is a spine.


  6. Being the underdog with a perception of needing to defend important, dearly-held principles seems to bring out the best in conservatives.

    The question is: how many people will turn out? Doing it on a Friday instead of a Saturday makes it tougher for a lot of gainfully employed people.

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