Megyn Kelly smacks down Bill Press on the Fairness Doctrine

Megyn Kelly is tough to beat in an argument.  Perhaps she just picks her fights wisely.

But she bested Bill Press in a discussion about the Fairness Doctrine, at least that was my take on it.  WordPress does not support embedding Flash videos, but here is a link to the post on HotAir that embeds the video.

Hot Air, the great and regularly updated blog where I found the video, adds:

Second biggest laugh: Press won’t apply the Fairness Doctrine to NPR. He wants government dictating content to commercial radio stations, but not to government-subsidized radio stations. Huh?

Biggest laugh: Press says he doesn’t want the Fairness Doctrine, but the “Fair and Balanced Doctrine”. That’s why libtalker marketing needs government intervention to survive. I’ll stick with the free market, thank you.

I know that people are talking about this a lot, and I have blogged on it, but sitting here in the foothills I wonder if they will really try to revive the Fairness Doctrine.  It is a big risk for the party that claims to support the first amendment and in the long term I do not think that the Fairness Doctrine applied to radio can survive a Supreme Court First Amendment test, at least not this court.  Additionally, and I hope that I am not being too hopeful, I think that trying to squelch talk radio is the sort of thing that will rouse the conservative/libertarian troops in a way not seen since 1993-94.  If the FCC takes some meaningful action in a perceived attempt to stifle what a huge number of Americans see as virtually the only non-left-leaning medium in America (outside of FoxNews), we could see a real political backlash in 2010.  Particularly after this hugely unpopular and very partisan so-called stimulus bill.

Obama made a monumental mistake in allowing the hard-left Democrats to craft the stimulus package.  The fallout from the present and future results of that decision is going to color everything else that he wants to do for some time to come.

2 responses to “Megyn Kelly smacks down Bill Press on the Fairness Doctrine

  1. you are so right, that was a smack down!

  2. She is quite the feisty thing, and sharp as a tack. I would not want to go up against her on anything unless I had some seriously good arguments!

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