Baby Daddys and Baby Mamas

I was reading Ann Coulter’s latest book (yeah, she is abrasive and obnoxious on TV but she is as good a sarcastic political writer as there is today) and came across something I found interesting in her very well done chapter on Single Moms.  Among the statistics that she cites: if you correct for single mothers there is no real difference in the crime rate between black and white America.  She makes a very good case for a lot of our current societal problems being the result of single mothers (which she painstakingly points out is defined as women who never married the father, not divorcees or widows).  For instance, your are 70 percent more likely to become a criminal if you grew up in a home with a single mother.

One part that struck me as interesting was this proposal from Ms. Coulter: if a baby is born and the parents are not married, the man has no legal claims on the child forever and the woman has no legal claims on the biological father providing any financial or other support.  Talk about incentive for women to make sure that they do not get pregnant out of wedlock!

When talking to my wife about this idea she felt that it would just burden our societal-parasite welfare programs even more and she has a point.  I have never understood why we do not bring accountability to that system… if a woman applies for any form of welfare that has anything to do with a child, she should be required to disclose the name of the father and assuming that we can prove it (DNA perhaps?) then we garnish that male’s (I cannot call such a slimeball a “man”) paycheck to repay the taxpayers for paying for his b*stard children.

It is beyond ridiculous that we burden the productive people in society with paying for the irresponsibility of people who choose to not prevent illegitimate pregnancies.  I got married very young, while still a teenager, and even though I was a dumba$$ in many ways I did not become a father for eight years.  It’s not hard to do.  Ms Coulter points out the obvious fact that pregnancy is not like the flu or cancer, you don’t just get it, you have to make it happen.  Or more specifically, you must fail to act to prevent it.

I very much agree with the notion that you get more of anything that you subsidize, and the undeniable fact is that we subsidize illegitimacy in this country.  Idiotic.

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