How to teach congress about taxes

This was a fantastic idea that I heard a caller propose on a radio talk show today.

We can show Congress how hard it is to get by with what they leave us after taxes by giving them a taste of their own medicine: we start taxing all of their fundraising money as income.  So when they raise their millions to get reelected (and let’s face it – their main day-to-day job is raising money to run again) they pay 33 percent taxes on it.  Or maybe we go with what the hard-left wants for their perceived ‘evil rich’ people and make it hugely progressive.  Maybe we have a top bracket of 60 percent.

How does that taste, you bloodsucking political parasites?

I really like this idea.

2 responses to “How to teach congress about taxes

  1. Is Tom Daschle a tax cheat?

    Owing a hundred thousand dollars in back taxes seems a bit too much. What is it with these democrats? They don’t have any problem raising taxes on the rest of us. When it comes their turn to pay, they are looking for a pass. This really is shameful.

  2. All of us evil rich business owners could also not send in our
    estimated tax quarterly, send it in at the end of the year. That
    would give them a little taste of what it is like for us common people.
    And also let them see how strong the small business man is.

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