Hill Republican: Stimulus aids illegal immigrants

Did we need another reason to oppose this collectivist Generational Transfer of Wealth, as Michelle Malkin calls it?

Breitbart reports that although the bill expressly forbids these tax refunds (dangit, they are WELFARE CHECKS!) going to nonresident aliens, “it would allow people who don’t have Social Security numbers to be eligible for the checks.”

A revolt among GOP conservatives to similar provisions of a 2008 economic stimulus bill, which sent rebate checks to most wage earners, forced Democratic congressional leaders to add stricter eligibility requirements. That legislation, enacted in February 2008, required that people have valid Social Security numbers in order to get checks.

The GOP official voiced concerns about the latest economic aid measure on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss it publicly.

I contend that only US Citizens should qualify for any government benefits.  If you are a resident alien, green card holder, whatever, you should not qualify for one cent of government benefits.  Not one cent.  You only get the full deal (I hate talking about welfare as if it is a good thing) if you are a US Citizen, and yes, even if you pay taxes you should not qualify unless you are a citizen.  If you do not like that, go back to the country that spawned you, we cannot afford to be handing out checks to recent arrivals.

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