Generational Theft Act of 2009 – More pork details

From Yellow Limes via Michelle Malkin.

More details of what Malkin has correctly labeled The Generational Theft Act of 2009:

Here are some numbers/items (remember, all in the name of “saving jobs, and saving America’s economy”):

Page 41: The Coast Guard wants more than $572 million for “Acquisition, Construction, & Improvements” They claim these funds will create 1,235 new jobs. Crunch the numbers and this brings the cost of “creating” each job to a staggering $460,000+

Page 23: $200 million for Dep. of Defense to acquire alternative energy vehicles.

Page 32: $1.5 billion (with a “B”) for a “carbon-capturing contest”

Page 64: $3.5 billion for higher education facilities. This is ridiculous as I know in Georgia the Board of Regents has imposed a “temporary” (yea right!) $75 fee per student during this economic crisis. The funds from this per-student fee stays at the school and is used to offset current budget shortfalls.

We at AASU are starting construction on our new student center, all paid for by student fees. No tax money has been used during any process of this planning. How about asking other higher education institutions to do the same, or hold off on any renovations, additions, etc.?

Page 90: $2.25 billion for “affordable and low-income housing”.

Page 91: $1.5 billion for “homelessness prevention activities”.

And finally, the big kicker, via Page 61: $75 million for smoking cessation programs.

I say “the big kicker” because aren’t Congressional Dems counting on smokers to fund their universal health care plan? If this cessation program is successful, who’s going to fund the lost revenue from falling tobacco sales?

America, call your Representatives. There is no reason not to, nothing more important. Call them, tell them no. The pork and excessive spending in this bill are beyond belief. This bill cannot be allowed to pass. Be ready to contact your Senators later this week as well.

Michelle also points out a couple of other non-stimulating, collectivist wet dream components of this bill:

P. 45: “$25,000,000 is for recreation maintenance, especially for rehabilitation of off-road vehicle routes, and $20,000,000 is for trail maintenance and restoration.” ATV owners, rejoice.

P. 60: $400 million for HIV and chlamydia testing.

You can find out how to contact your representatives here.  Clearly, only the Senators matter any more given that the collectivist-controlled House has already passed it.  I would suggest a filibuster to stop this, this is vote buying for Democrats with our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ tax dollars.  This is too serious to lose and the fact that the GOP will gain from the failure of this program is not worth the detrimental effects of this pork package.

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