Obama as naive as a child

The Naive New Sheriff

The Naive New Sheriff


This guy is incredibly naive.  Let’s hope for luck during his [hopefully one] term.

2 responses to “Obama as naive as a child

  1. No, Republicans are niave as to think that crashing America’s fist across the World, torturing whoever they like, and hypocritically claiming the moral victory, is anything but encouraging terrorism and anti-Americanism.

    Obama is on the same wave length as the rest of the World and Democrats. Republicans and American Conservatives alike, have stood alone for the past eight years and they still appear not to have learnt. Perhaps one day…

  2. Yeah yeah… when things get tough again you beta males will freak out and the tough men will once again have to step in and correct the results of your naivete and softness. Obama is a typical Democrat Beta Male, so this feel-good, run-from-conflict decision surprises no one. What would suprise people would be some slight example of toughness from the Left.

    This kind of thinking is what invited 9/11, Bill Clinton consistently ignoring terrorism because it required toughness, something anathema to the Left.

    These animals at Gitmo would gladly kill you and your family and do not deserve the protection of the US Criminal Justice system.

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