Matt Damon and Bill Kristol to debate

Apparently, the well known intellectual Matt Damon [smirk] called Bill Kristol (of the Weekly Standard and New York Times) an idiot over his statements about former President Bush.  Andrew Breitbart over at Big Hollywood is trying to set up a debate between the two men and has offered $100K to Damon or his charity to take part.  Kristol has agreed.

I hope that Damon takes him up on the offer, though I seriously doubt that he will.  Damon is far from the intellectual giant that he portrayed in Good Will Hunting and will likely look foolish going up against a pundit who is used to going head to head with empty headed celebrity leftists (sorry about that redundance).

But my ongoing question is this: Why in the world does anyone take the political positions of celebrities seriously?  If you are looking for critical thinking and logical thought the last place that you are apt to find it is with a person who possesses the emotional touchy-feeliness required to make them good at pretending to be other people or someone who because of a lucky genetic roll of the dice have nicely vibrating vocal chords.  These are the last people who one should expect to be well informed critical thinkers.  My observations have taught me that they are far more likely to be emotional herd animals, as evidenced by their almost complete support for Obama.

I hope that Damon makes the mistake of debating Kristol.  I disagree with Kristol on more than a few things, but I suspect that I would disagree with Matt Damon on virtually everything.  And I love it when people knock the smugness off of the face of people who think that they know better.

One response to “Matt Damon and Bill Kristol to debate

  1. Matt is so dreamy!

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