What does it mean to ‘support’ Obama?

Writing at the Philadelphia Daily News, Christine Flowers wrote a thoughtful essay dissecting this idea that now that the election is over we have to support the President.  The immediate question for reasonable people becomes: what does ‘support’ mean?  Does it mean that we acknowledge that he is President and respect the office or does it mean that you have to yield to some alleged mandate (though he did not get a huge majority in the popular vote) and support Obama’s worst policies?  Ms Flowers articulates what my level of support will be for the most unqualified President in history:

So here is my promise to our new president. I will pray that he and his family continue to be happy and healthy. I’ll assume that everything he does is undertaken in a good-faith effort to preserve, protect and defend these United States (even if the words got jumbled on Inauguration Day). I’ll continue to honor the monumental significance of his elevation to the Oval Office, and be respectful of those who are uplifted by the words “President Barack Hussein Obama.”

That’s all.  He is the lawfully elected President, though history will certainly one day include commentary about the unprecedented level of outright media bias and Mr Obama’s intentional and massive campaign contribution fraud, essentially purchasing the election, but that has to be put aside for now.  I support him in that office and will continue to respect the office of the Presidency.  However, I will oppose every policy position that he takes that is harmful to my country, my freedoms, or smells of socialism.  There is not much left that I can support after that last one, huh?

The author goes on to point out some big ticket items on which she will oppose the new President:

So I hope he fails in trying to force Catholic hospitals to provide abortion services.

And I hope he fails in intimidating employees to unionize. If Obama has his way, the Employee Freedom of Choice Act will become law, thereby eliminating the secret ballot (how un-American) that allows employees to decide whether they want to belong to a union.

AND HIGHEST on my wish list is that No. 44 fails in closing Guantanamo.

The President signed an Executive Order yesterday ordering the terrorist prison at Gitmo closed, so that ship has already sailed, the President making a huge strategic mistake to throw a bone to naive hard-core leftists.  I think that we are going to miss having the grown ups, the tough men (again, I’d like to point out my long held observation that “Tough Liberal” is an oxymoron), around when toughness is required.  Obama is about as tough as Urkel, whom he reminds me of.

Obama is absolutely in love with abortion, as he demonstrated with the EO recently that will now allow US tax dollars to fund abortions overseas, so I suppose we can count on his supporting free drive-through abortions at every opportunity.  I am not a religious person, but I would submit another oxymoron for your consideration: Pro Choice Christian.  I cannot reconcile how someone can claim to be religious but then support abortion; I think those people are religious for political purposes, like when Clinton started carrying his bible to church during the Lewinsky scandal.

Don’t get me started about labor unions.  Freedom-hating, extortion-using Bolsheviks.  Anything that makes it easier for them to intimidate people into a union is a bad thing for everyone else and even for those who do not want to be in a union.  History has shown that they will be threatened or harmed for that if their views are known.  If the union card check passes, all intimidation and injuries will be laid at the doorstep of Mr Obama and his Bolshevik-loving fellow Democrats.

Tighten your chin straps, folks, this is going to be a long and nasty fight.

You can read Ms. Flowers’ article here.

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