WaPost declares “Bush’s War” over

[HT: Gateway Pundit]

The Washington Post, another thinly veiled newsletter for the Social Democrat Party, belched out an opinion piece with the headline “Bush’s ‘War’ On Terror Comes to a Sudden End“.  Bush’s war, huh?

I know that a lot of the beta males in America probably agree with that.  You know who you are.  You have very little familiarity with guns, you do not fix your own car, you do not build things, you have never used a chain saw, you have no experience defending yourself and run from any conflict.  You should be wearing a bow tie (don’t you think that our new President should be wearing  a bow tie?  It would fit his effete stance completely).  You guys are carrying around a superfluous Y-chromosome but most of the time the rest of us are polite enough not to point out that you are sissy boys.  Obama is one of you.

In my observations after 9/11, I saw two distinct groups of people who immediately after the attack seemed to come together but not for the same reasons.  We were all swept up in the emotion to an extent but some of us grimly determined that we could never let that happen again while some of us where just overwhelmed with emotion.  For that second group, once the emotion faded they wanted to move on and get back to normal, pretending that it never happened.  Why?  Because toughness is required.  Liberals positively despise toughness because it is so hard for them to conjure up.  Tough liberal is an oxymoron.

Seriously, pay attention to the public debate whenever some big problem comes along.  The Left is always attempting to find some way to capitulate, some way to give up without requiring struggle or toughness.  Illegal immigration?  They think it obvious that we should let these millions of criminals stay and become citizens, after all, it would be yucky and unpleasant to deal with the problem.  People buying things they cannot afford?  Let the more responsible among us bail them out, the liberals say.

I am done being polite to you sissy boys.  I am done pretending that you are real men.  You are beta males and you have your time only when times are soft and cushy, like when Clinton was riding the results of the Reagan economic and foreign policy decisions.  But when times are tough you need to sit down and let the real men do the heavy lifting.  We can only humor you when the times are easy and peaceful.

Bush’s War?  Sure, you may believe that and tsk-tsk with your liberal friends about that cowboy and all the damage that you think tha the did, but as soon as another attack happens you will be screaming like a scared little girl about how we let this happen, how we did not connect the dots.  When that happens, kindly go sit with the children while the real men step back in to clean up the mess created by your naive view of the world.

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