Making the GOP cool

BigHollywood contributor Jude penned an interesting article on  how ‘cool’ the Democrats are and how un-cool and not very well packaged the GOP is.  Titled On Drinking Through Tuesday, the author points out how well packaged and produced the Obama campaign was compared to the McCain campaign.

The Republican National Convention, which I somehow attended this past August, was at times pathetic – and I mean that in the true sense of the word because I was rooting for the home team.  Here are two words to keep in the front of your mind from now on: PRODUCTION VALUES.  Letting the music trail out to silence after the applause had died down while McCain was still on stage waving to the crowd after his acceptance speech?  Unacceptable.

I don’t blame the guy running the sound board (those guys are my friends, and are almost never wrong!), because he or she was part of a team, and probably overworked.  As a local audio guy from St. Paul told me while we shook our heads at yet another shrieking feedback one afternoon, “this whole thing was f*#$%d from the beginning.”  That should never be the case again.

Productions of large scale events run well all the time.  Ever heard of these things called arena rock tours?   No, how about Disney Whatever-on-ice?  Might it have been worth a call to the production team behind, oh, say, Faith Hill’s tour?  A little more Gene Simmons, a little less Gene Krupa -am I speaking your language here?

Who. The. Hell. Is. Advising. You?  You understand that real production is a big deal and that we usually get what we pay for, right?  When we’re trying to put forward a man as the leader of the free world, it would help if we went ahead and hired the A-team on every front.  Whoever bought Sarah Palin’s wardrobe should be put in charge of more stuff, because the Governor looked great on the campaign trail.  Whoever was “handling” her, by which I mean muting the great instincts of a political natural, and allowed the 150k to linger as a talking point…back of the bus.

I cannot disagree with some of his main points.  From my pessimistic perspective, we have turned a corner in America in the sense that it seems that we will now pick the American Idol President [HT: Neal Boortz for that phraseology], meaning that there are no qualifications required.  It’s just a popularity/coolness contest.  The result is that a completely inexperienced, smooth, empty suit poser like Barack Obama can become President.  That is no way to pick our leader.

2 responses to “Making the GOP cool

  1. I heard the Obama stimulus gave more money to the arts than to small business to create jobs?

    I like your blog, let’s swap blogroll links?

  2. I added you to my blogroll, please do reciprocate. Thanks, Kyra!

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