Obama as Lincoln? ROFL! Try McClellan.

[HT: Gateway Pundit]

I am sick and tired of all of these flawed comparisons of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln.  Other than the fact that they both came from Illinois, and Obama shares a skin tone with the people that Republican Abe Lincoln freed as a pragmatic war stance while trying to defeat the South and save the Union, they share nothing else.  This is just another example of the astounding historical ignorance of too many in the media.

Obama could be far more correctly compared to the Copperheads, their main figurehead being George McClellan.  The Copperheads undermined the War Between the States and took the position that the North could not win.  Does that remind anyone of the Official Position of the Democrat Party, and our new President, from about 2004 up until the success of the surge was undeniable?

Copperheads Obama and McClellan

Copperheads Obama and McClellan

From a old linked article by Mackubin Thomas Owens:

It is certain that the Union soldiers tired of hearing from the Copperheads that the Rebels could not be defeated. They surely tired of being described by the Copperheads as instruments of a tyrannical administration trampling the legitimate rights of the Southern states. The soldiers seemed to understand fairly quickly that the Copperheads preferred Lincoln’s failure to the country’s success. They also recognized that the Copperheads offered no viable alternative to Lincoln’s policy except to stop the war. Does any of this sound familiar?

Today, Democratic opponents of the Iraq war echo the rhetoric of the Copperheads. As Lincoln was a bloodthirsty tyrant, trampling the rights of Southerners and Northerners alike, President Bush is the world’s worst terrorist, comparable to Hitler.

Obama is not Abe Lincoln, Obama is George McClellan.  And those Dear Leader looking blue and red posters of him are incredibly creepy in a Orwellian 1984 sort of way.  But, alas, I am not drinking the Kool Aid.

Gateway pundit wraps it up with:

In fact the only difference between Barack Obama and the Copperheads of 1864 is that this time the copperheads were voted in.
God help us.

One response to “Obama as Lincoln? ROFL! Try McClellan.

  1. Agree with all the points, Obama hasn’t even got a beard!

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