Obot congressman: Repeal the 22nd amendment

New York Representative Jose Serrano (D) has introduced a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment.  See the text here.

For those of you still scarred by a public school education, the 22nd amendment was ratified in 1951 and limits the length of time that a US President can serve.  Apparently now that the Obamessiah is ascending to his throne Mr Serrano has decided that we should just keep him until he passes away in 30 or 40 years.

Didn’t some other leftist leader’s followers in another country try this recently?  Oh, yeah, it was Mr Obama’s strong supporter in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez!  And now I have another excuse to post this hysterical picture:

Chavez and his sidekick

Chavez and his sidekick

2 responses to “Obot congressman: Repeal the 22nd amendment

  1. Actually chavez isn’t happy with Obama, he needs an enemy to blame everything that happens in Venezuela, W left so he needs a new enemy, who’s better than Obama.
    Also do some research before you post this kind of right conservative BS, Serrano has been pushing this proposal since 1997, and he also did it during Bush’s administration… does that mean that he wanted w. bush to be the president for a 3rd term?

  2. Bob – you are correct. I saw that yesterday and forgot to put an update in the entry. Thanks for keeping me honest! ;^)

    So Serrano is just clueless in general, not just an Obot.

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