Michelle Obama’s Salary

In yet another example of undeniable media bias, I want to point out something I was reminded of over at Doug Ross’ blog.

Let’s consider a fictional scenario to try to keep ourselves honest.  A Republican, whose attorney wife works in administration at a hospitial, is elected as a freshman US Senator.  Two months after taking office, this Senator’s wife gets a $200,000, almost 200%, raise.  One year after that, that GOP Senator secures a $1 million earmark for the hospital that employes his wife.  Three years later the Senator leaves the Senate and when his wife resigns her position at the hospital, her position is eliminated, its responsibilities folded into another executive’s job.  An objective outside observer would have to consider the possibility that her job and her raise and the subsequent earmark of taxpayer dollaers were part of some quid quo pro, no?

Can you imagine how the press would report that?  Imagine further that the Republican Senator was running for President.  Does anyone doubt that the New York Times would hammer the obvious inpropriety for days on end, citing anonymous sources and consistently questioning the character of the Senator and his wife?  Can you imagine Keith Olberman’s sophomoric rants, almost stroking out in his frenzied calling for this Republican’s head?

This fictional scenario is fictional only in party affiliation.  The Senator in question is none other than our newly elected President.  This is yet another ugly potential scandal that never was because nothing could be allowed to stand in the way of the Presidency of the least-qualified candidate in history.  There are several such “issues” that would have sunk the candidacy of any Republicans, but The One glides through it all with his compliant press.

Check out this  graph of the timeline of HospitalGate:

Coincidence?  I think not.

Coincidence? I think not.

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