You might be an Obot?

Flopping Aces passes along a Foxworthy-esque list of You might be an Obot if… knocks on the subset of Obama supporters who came across as empty-headed myrmidons.  That was my name for them at least, empty-headed myrmidons.  Until I saw this link at Flopping Aces, I had not heard the word “Obot”.  I do not want to suggest that there are not some thoughtful Obama supporters, I have some good friends who did their best to intelligently articulate their support for the candidate, but by this blog’s definition Obot’s are not within that group of thinkers:

… an Obot is an Obama Robot, programmed to see Obama as good and pure, incapable of evil, and a hero who must be robustly defended from criticism.

I think that we all knew some people like that in this past election, and in fairness you see it on both sides.  Continuing in fairness, there are a few funny retorts from Obama supporters in the comments as well.

One good You might be an Obot if… line was:

You’ve never paid any attention to politics until Obama ran for President, and now you’ve become a political expert by reading Huffington Post and/or Daily Kos.

Big heh, followed by a long sigh at the less than funny reality of that.

I have been thinking about my percolating observation that there is something really odd about people in their 20s, and it seems crystalized in males.  They get this fervor over things, I remember going through it in the 1992 election myself, and it seems to go beyond just the boundless energy that we all have at that age.  Differences in opinion, demonstrated most often during election time, become less about being able to articulate and defend one side’s position than about emotion and fervor.  Again, trying to be fair here I saw this in this recent election in both many Obama supporters and in those throngs of Ron Paul supporters, you could smell the Kool Aid on those two groups’ breath through the darned TV.

Anyway, I digressed here.  Check out that list of You might be an Obot if’s

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