The idiocy of Arianna Huffington

Does anyone take this woman seriously?  I mean, beyond the frothing-mouthed myrmidons at Daily Kos or Democratic Underground, but no one takes those a– clowns seriously outside of college towns either.

Ms Huffington, who is rich because her ex-husband’s family made a ton of money under capitalism and who you would never have even heard of had she not taken a chunk of his money in their divorce, belched out a missive today that would make Karl Marx proud (though she tries to gain credibility by claiming a lack of support for marxism – if  she is being honest, she is in the wrong party).  Her basic point is that laissez-faire capitialism, which to the Left means capitalism not controlled by elite leftists, is the sole cause of the current economic meltdown.

It’s time to drive the final nail into the coffin of laissez-faire capitalism by treating it like the discredited ideology it inarguably is. If not, the Dr. Frankensteins of the right will surely try to revive the monster and send it marauding through our economy once again.

It never ceases to amaze me, though perhaps it should by now, how the American Left seeks to rewrite history while it is still happening.  This mess, started by the foundation of mortgage-backed securities crumbling, can be most correctly traced to PC programs like the Community Reinvestment Act.  That was where Democrats pushed for lending money to unqualified people and made Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac package these worthless, soon to be defaulted mortgages into securities.  In other words, it was politically correct over regulation that caused this mess, pressuring banks (with the help of Obama’s thug buddies at ACORN) to lend money to people who should remain renters until they grow up and get some gainful and longer term employment.

This idea of a rejection of qualifications had as its biggest proponents not Bush or the GOP but hard-core, economically retarded Democrats like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, and of course, the pre-Obama leftist messiah Bill Clinton.  The New York times is in on the revisionist history, recently putting out a screed blaming everyone but the Democrats responsible for the mess.  Seriously, they wrote a long diatribe without even mentioning Barney Frank (D – MA) or Chris Dodd (D – Countrywide).

Unbelievable.  Is Ms. Huffington writing for Pravda now?

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