The Global Warming Swindle

[HT: Little Green Footballs]

I have felt for some time that Global Warming, now called Climate Change so that they can blame any odd weather on it, is a religion.  It is about the only area where scientists denounce criticisms and attack detractors as flat-earthers or holocaust deniers.  I grew up with a scientist for a father, in his case a Biochemist/Microbiologist, and I have always been impressed with the Scientific approach: make a hypothesis, do your research with a lot of testing to see if it holds water, then put it out there and invite other scientists to poke holes in it.  At some point it gets to the point that it is widely accepted but forever remains a theory, like the Theory of Evolution or the Theory of General Relativity.  Not so with Global Warming/Climate Change.  We are to believe that it is the one thing for which there is total consensus… but the way that the Believers in the Church of Anthropomorphic Anthropogenic Climate Change have ramped up their attacks on the “heretics” makes me wonder how much of this is science and how much of it is simply political religion.

The UK’s Channel 4 did a documentary called The Great Global Warming Swindle which is quite interesting, to say the least.  Did you know that there are very reputable scientists still listed as in agreement with the [decidedly political] UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that have resigned and are public skeptics of the man-made Climate Change?  In other words, the skeptics are not just regular folks like me or “right-wing” politicians but some of the very scientists listed as part of the allegedly rock-solid consensus.

I urge you to watch the video, which I found at Little Green Footballs, and you can watch this video  here  (Sorry, but I am not sure how to embed that sort of video in this page).  If you have problems with that link you can go to YouTube and search for Great Global Warming Swindle and you will find the multipart video, but if that link at LGF works for you then you can watch the entire (hour plus) video in one chunk.

Watch it with an open mind.  No one is saying that we should not reduce pollution, but let’s not buy into their chicken little religion if it is BS.  And friends, it is BS.  If you are still interested, take a good look at this data from the Heartland Institute.

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