As Taliban Johnny’s parents again request a pardon, instead remember Mike Spann

[HT: Michelle Malkin]

Taliban Johnny’s parents, continuing the covering for their son that made him the criminal that he is, have issued their annual request for a pardon.

Instead of giving those Left Coast jerks one ounce of your energy, go remind yourself about Mike Spann.

In case you do not remember, Mike Spann was the former Marine and CIA officer who was killed in the prison uprising which John Walker Lindh knew was coming.

From Michelle’s column:

Mike Spann’s family visited the fortress after his murder. They talked to Afghan doctors who will never forget his bravery. “They said they thought Mike might run and retreat, but he held his position and fought using his AK rifle until out of ammo, and then draw and begin firing his pistol,” Spann’s father said. “While watching Mike fight they were able to jump up and run to safety.

“They said the only reason that they, and several others, were able to live was because Mike stood his position and fought off the prisoners while enabling them the time to run to safety. The doctors stated that as they fled toward a safe haven they saw Mike run out of ammo and then witnessed him fighting hand to hand until he was overcome by the numerous Al Qada and Taliban prisoners.”

One line from Spann’s CIA application sticks with me:

“I believe in the meaning of honor and integrity.
I am an action person who feels personally responsible for making any changes in this world that are in my power…because if I don’t, no one else will”.

What a man.

One response to “As Taliban Johnny’s parents again request a pardon, instead remember Mike Spann

  1. .
    I don’t think Bush will pardon the little monkey scum. Besides, it wouldn’t make the Left hate him one bit less; and the Right would correctly vilify him as a total sellout.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    LEAVE Jihad Johnny alone

    in a dark and dirty hole
    with NO Koran just bacon

    Eff you Jihad Johnny, you American Talibum; as well as all you sick, sick effs on the Left who support him. You are ALL mentally deranged. You should be glad he isn’t sent to an Iraqi prison, you sick bastards.
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    join up with some terrorists

    go fight against your country
    beg your President’s pardon

    All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
    Philosophy of Liberty Cartoon
    Help Halt Terrorism Today!


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