We are porked

The picture says it all.  Remember also that this is not an automaker bailout as much as it is a union bailout.  Darned Bolsheviks.


[HT: Michelle Malkin]

8 responses to “We are porked

  1. I see … financial crooks and self-acclaimed market wizards dabbled in fraud on a daily basis but we must blame it on the ‘bolcheviks’ … fella, good sense spared you from birth …

  2. I submit that you are confusing the financial bailout with the automaker/union bailout.

  3. Is there really, apart from the figures and industries involved, a real substantive difference in between them !? … as far as the American citizen is concerned, they’re all private enterprises begging to be saved by the State … besides, given the urgent bailout demands by the auto-industry, I’m beginning to suspect that most of their industrial expenditure assets must have been gambled at the financial markets … and that’s is basically why they’ve been lagging behind as an insdustrial global force … at a certain point in the late eighties and early seventies some of their top heads must have figured … “Hey, we can make more money at the financial markets then developing better cars … so let’s do it … we’ll keep some our plants still working in our home market, outsource all the rest and gamble in the financial market ’til we blast” …

  4. I mean … late eighties and early nineties …

  5. You wrote: Is there really, apart from the figures and industries involved, a real substantive difference in between them !?

    That is a good question and I suppose that the answer depends on whether you are looking at it from 30,000ft or up close. From a distance they are both taxpayer funded bailouts of industries, but up close I do think that there is a key difference. Being a fiscal conservative I am loathe to screw with the proper give and take of the free market by saving a failed business, but I think that the case can be made that the banking/financial industry is (unlike manufacturers, no matter how large) infrastructure, almost plumbing that helps everything else work. Based upon that I reluctantly supported injecting money into that segment of the economy but now I feel like the idiots in D.C. screwed that up as well.

    But the fact remains that, on average, when Toyota makes a car *in America*, it has a little over $2,000 extra to spend ON THE CAR than the big three, who spent that 2K on union related extra costs like Jobs Banks, etc.

    And I saw where you objected to my use of the word ‘bolshevik’ when talking about the unions. I do think that their basic approach, that there is no individual, only the mob, and their needed warfare between the white collar and blue collar workers does smell like the Bolsheviks. Just my opinion. I am an individual, if I do not like my job I move along, I do not band together with my coworkers and use extortion to get better compensation.

  6. So, correct me if I’m wrong … first of all, if I’m not mistaken, ‘the idiots in D.C.’ share the very same basic beliefs, at least as to what concerns a general economic path in which our country should stick to, with you … and you must never forget that … most probably, people just like you chose them … better still, hand picked them … which leaves us with a question: In between the afore mentioned two groups, which is basically composed of hopeless idiots … the chosens or the choosers !!!?

    Secondly, according to your arguments there really isn’t a substantial difference in between them … after all, from up close as from far away, it’s nothing more than the interference of the in benefit of failed business … and worse, not as a regulating interference … but rather, as an absurd transfer of our taxes in support of utter incompetence … boy I wish I could count with such a helping hand in my everyday life.

    And finally, you’re not really much of a fiscal conservative … otherwise, you would never engage so guiltlessly in this surrealistic scheme to save crooks and compulsive liars … the very same type of people who enjoyed joking about the homeless and destituted … therefore, somehow, at a certain moment of our recent events, you convinced yourself that it was the right thing to do … so help yourself and bailout incompetence and the lack of clean business ethics … if such things had happened in China, Madoff and the likes, including the head directors of the state’s regulatory institutions, would be as good as dead … and their families would still have to pay for the bullets …

  7. You missed the point entirely. I never said that I supported that financial bailout to help their corporate leaders and I am disgusted at how these guys got their golden parachutes. I mentioned that the banking system is infrastructure and therefore something that perhaps cannot be allowed to completely fold up. Read more carefully next time and respond to what I actually say rather than what you want to argue against. Nor does it have *anything* to do with Madoff; perhaps you should stick to responding to the things that I actually say, Gilmour. There are other bloggers who practice putting words into the mouths of people so that they can attack them more successfully, Andew Sullivan and Kos come to mind. Countering my real arguments is fine, but do not make them up so that they are easier to counter.

    And you know nothing of my voting habits, sport. Historically I vote against the greater socialist, which means that I typically hold my nose and vote GOP, in fact voting *against* the Democrats, who do not even seem to understand economics 101.

    Again, I like debate, but perhaps you should stick to what I actually say.

  8. And neither have I mentioned that you were supporting their corporate leaders … as I’ve said, when everything gets wraped up and tidy, you’re supporting to bailout corporate incompetence and dishonest corporate behavior … apart from that, my dear fellow American citizen, we can all witness the utterly ineffective ‘weirding-ways’ Republicans can steer our economy if left by themselves … don’t worry, we’ll never forget that …

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