Gary Sinise is truly a great American

I do not watch drama shows on TV.  I have always felt that real life is dramatic enough, and I have a personal theory that people use up too much emotion and outrage on false TV drama that they should redirect at the morons in D.C., so I have never seen Sinise’s show, CSI: New York.  Actors do not impress me for the most part, I simply am not that impressed with people who are just good at pretending to be other people.  But Gary Sinise is a different sort.

Sinise recently received the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Bush for his constant and unwavering support for our troops in the field, which has been drawing comparisons to the great patriot Bob Hope.  He very regularly tours with the USO to visit our best and toughest.

Sinise with his medal

The Washington Times has a nice write up on Sinise and not only how he feels about our troops but how they feel about him.  Read it here.

Michael Yon, our generation’s Ernie Pyle, had this to say:

Michael Yon, a Special Forces vet and the pre-eminent war journalist of our time, communicated his admiration in a dispatch from Bahrain: “Gary is a true friend of the American soldier. He does not hesitate to travel into war zones to express his admiration and personal support for those who defend us. He visits wounded soldiers, some of whom I personally know. All love him.

Another quote:

Deb Rickert of Operation Support our Troops said it best about Mr. Sinise, the recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medal.

“In an age when the public often lavishes epitaphs of greatness on celebrities merely because they are famous, the military community bestows the simple title of friend on Gary Sinise truly because that is what he is to us.”


Lt. Dan, you are the man.  Your country owes you.

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