The friends of Obama

I think that it is worth pointing out that the same corrupt bunch who produced the current Blagojevich criminal scandal and had the previous three Illinois Governors sitting in jail also produced our next President.  If you think that Obama is a “change” from that then go do your own research about how Obama got into the IL Senate by getting his opponent kicked off the ballot by playing games with petition signatures and how Obama (and his henchmen at the Chicago Tribune) got his real US Senate opponent’s divorce court papers made public, resulting in his bowing out.  But those of you who voted for Mr Hopey Changiness were drunk on the Kool Aid and remain unaware of what a slimeball the guy is.  He is a product of that same Chicago political machine and still stinks of them.  The “change” he brings to D.C. is simply a change from normal, low level, AAA-ball corruption to the Big Leagues of professional Chicago corruption.  You people were fooled but we all have to pay the price now.

It also sounds likely that Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s pick for Chief of Staff, was approached by the Blagojevich people but did not report it.  At worst that would be a criminal act and at best a completely revealing look at how corrupt Rahm is as well.

Even more interesting, as I predicted, it now seems clear that Senate Candidate #5 was none other than Jesse Jackson, Jr.  Does anyone doubt that he would have paid for that seat?  As we say out in the woods, the acrorn does not fall far from the tree.

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