Auto Bailout Nonsense

Ron Dzwonowski at the Detroit Free Press is trying to turn this Big Three auto bailout debate into a North/South conflict with his idiotic statements about Lincoln and the Civil War.  What this transparent Union hack misses is that Republicans were also against the bank bailout but held their noses because unlike the second-rate cars from American manufacturers, the banks are essentially plumbing in our economy, infrastructure that we all need.  All one has to do is look at how the foreign manufacturers are doing quite well building cars here in the US.  The Big Three auto bailout is quite clearly a bailout of the corrupt labor unions.  You can read his ridiculous screed here, but this one quote sums up his idiocy:

Certainly this defeat was payback for the UAW’s traditional support of Democratic candidates. But maybe it ran even deeper, back to 1861 when President Abraham Lincoln exclaimed “Thank God for Michigan!” as 798 men from this state arrived in Washington to defend it against advancing southern troops early in the Civil War.


What a maroon.

See, we people in the south are not all that fond of the Bolshevism of the labor unions.  We actually consider ourselves to be individuals.  If we do not like our pay or benefits, we vote with our feet and move on to another job.  American labor unions are nothing more than an inexplicably legal method of using mob mentality to extort far more money and benefits for workers than they would ever make in any free market.  I wonder how many union members realize how much closer they are to the Bolsheviks than to the rugged individualism that made America great.  I guess it is no wonder that they tend to support the socialists in the Democrat party at election time.

In contrast, Shikha Dalmia pens a much more thoughtful article on the realities of Detroit’s problems.  She points out many reasons why their problems are the result of the corrupt labor unions and their mid-20th-century view of economics.  A key quote:

But the United Auto Workers reacted as if it had been asked to work in a Third World sweat shop and walked away. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., decried efforts to “sock it” to American workers. Never mind that labor costs make every car rolling out of Detroit $1,500 more expensive to produce than foreign cars made elsewhere in the U.S. Indeed, last year, GM and Toyota sold the same number of cars worldwide, but Toyota turned a healthy profit–while GM posted a $40 billion loss.

If Bush and Paulson manage to misuse the bank bailout money for Detroit, the congressional GOP is going to look pretty good when the Big Three show up again with their hands out next year as most Americans do not support this union bailout and they see it for what it is.  It will draw another nice contrast between the outright socialism of the Left and the more thoughtful economics of the GOP.  [NOTE: I do not count Bush among the reasonable GOPers, he has spent money like a drunken liberal.]

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