Stop wearing it on your sleeves!

To some extent Kathleen Parker is right: the GOP turns off a lot of fiscally conservative voters by being far too religious and making that the cornerstone of their public commentary.  She is being trashed by the GOPers who have to look at everything through the religious lens but at the core she has a very valid point.  There are a lot of people who abhor the collectivist ideology of the Democrat party (they are socialists, darnit) but are equally turned off by the over-religiousity of the GOP.  Every time some GOPer talks about creationism or Intelligent Design, they lose voters for the party in general.  Those voters either stay home or vote Libertarian.  Or maybe this time they voted for the transparently shallow Hopey Changiness of the Obamessiah.

I do not know the solution, but I sure know that this is a problem.  Not all conservatives (and what the heck does that really mean, anyway?) are zealously religious and a lot of us are not religious at all.  I would not vote for the GOP if there was another conservative choice (with a chance), and I usually do not, I vote against the socialism of the Democrat party by holding my nose and voting GOP.  I worry greatly about a Huckabee or Palin at the top of the ticket for that reason.

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