Oprah Winfrey: Self-important, empty-headed twit

Oprah Winfrey, who tries to claim that she tried to keep politics separate from her show while shilling for our newly-elected (and wholly unqualified) President, is whining about Sarah Palin not coming on her show.  You may recall that after the Obamas went on Oprah’s show she declined requests from many viewers (and even her own staffers) to balance that with an appearance by Sarah Palin.  Oprah very publicly supported the Obama campaign and even wanted to produce his [pathetic] 30 minute infomercial for him.  Now Oprah is whining that Sarah Palin went on Greta’s FoxNews show and did not come on her show.  What goes around comes around.

While one cannot deny her success, and she is quite personable, Oprah Winfrey is an empty-headed twit riding the crest of the Bell Curve.  She picked sides in the presidential election, snubbing the people that she did not want to help, and now complains that Palin will not come on her show.  What a self-important narcissist.  When she threw aside any semblance of balance and credibility to campaign for the most unqualifed candidate for President in America’s history, I told my wife that it would lead to her downfall.  I hope that it is true.

I for one will never read a book that has her book club endorsement.  And do not get me started about that Dr. Oz that she has on her show and his crap-based medicine.

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