Obama’s birth certificate controversy

[HT: Atlas Shrugs]

If you only get your news from the MSM you may be unaware there has been a long brewing controversy over whether president-elect Obama was actually born in the US.  As you surely know, one Constitutional requirement for the office of President of the United States is that the individual be born in the US.

Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugs has been looking into this and one of her readers has posted a detailed analysis of the birth certificate.  Check it out.

I have always thought that this was a long shot and the stuff of Black Helicopter conspiracy nuts, but it is quite odd that the Obama campaign will not release an original copy, given that it would stop this entire controversy immediately.

2 responses to “Obama’s birth certificate controversy

  1. lots and lots about Obama is very queer indeed, for example http://ngoldfarb.wordpress.com

  2. willnevergiveup

    Can you imagine the wasted time and energy — not to mention money — he’s put into keeping his birth records and college transcripts from Occidental College and Harvard from public scrutiny? What on earth would possess a person to do that?

    It looks like the rest of the world may be laughing at us.


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