How Obama Got Elected, Part II

My earlier post, How Obama Got Elected, showed John Zeigler’s independent polling demonstrating how Americans who voted for Obama were not particularly well informed about their candidate (which is precisely what the mainstream media wanted and needed to get their wholly unqualified man elected).  When that original Zogby poll was released, with the accompanying video of some enthusiastic Obama supporters showing their utter ignorance, the immediate response (from the MSM, of course) was that this was a skewed poll and that the McCain supporters would prove just as ignorant.  In order to address that, Zeigler sponsored another poll that asked questions of both Obama and McCain supporters.  The results were not surprising to those of us who attempted to discuss the issues with Obama supporters during the campaign, most of whom figuratively put their fingers in their ears and chanted “la-la-la I cannot hear you”.

The initial Zogby poll and the subsequent Wilson poll asked the following questions:

  • Before this past election, which political party controlled both houses of congress? [Answer: Democrats]
  • Which candidate could not say how many houses they own? [Answer: McCain]
  • Which candidate said they could see Russia from their house? [Answer: None, Tiny Fey said that while doing her very poor Sarah Palin impression. It sounded more like a Fargo impression to me.]
  • Which candidate had to quit a previous political campaign because they were found to have plagiarized a speech? [Answer: Joe Biden in 1988]
  • Which candidate won their first election by getting all of their opponents kicked off the ballot? [Answer: Barack Obama]
  • Which candidate wore clothes that their political party reportedly spent $150,000 on? [Answer: Sarah Palin]
  • Which candidate currently has a pregnant teenage daughter? [Answer: Sarah Palin]
  • Which candidate said that Obama would be tested in his first six months as president by a generated international crisis? [Answer: Joe iden]
  • Which candidate claimed to have campaigned in 57 states? [Answer: Barack Obama]
  • Which candidate said their policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket? [Answer: Barack Obama]
  • Which candidate said that the government should redistribute the wealth? [Answer: Barack Obama]
  • Which candidate started their political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground? [Answer: Barack Obama]

I would submit that anyone who paid attention during the campaign, or got their news from other than MSM outlets, would have gotten all of these questions right.

The highlights of the polling results:

  • 35% of McCain voters got 10 or more of the questions correct whereas only 18% of Obama voters got 10 or more correct.
  • McCain voters knew which party controls congress by a 63-27 margin while Obama voters got the “congressional control” question wrong by 43-41.  That is a 22 point spread!
  • Those that could associate Bill Ayers’ name/story with Obama voted 52-48 for McCain.
  • Those that knew Obama had made negative comments about “coal power plants” voted 76-24 for McCain.
  • Those that knew Obama had his opponents knocked off the ballot in his first campaign voted 66-34 for McCain.

This comes as no surprise to me and this data is supported, albeit anecdotally, by my personal experience in talking to Obama supporters during the campaign.  A number of my friends and acquaintances voted for Obama, but very few of them had a good grasp of these issues and perhaps more importantly: when I brought them up they simply did not care. I do have two very sharp Obama-supporting friends who had more in-depth knowledge of these points.  One of them, a coworker, could be described as a Yellow Dog Democrat (he would vote for a yellow dog if it was the Democrat candidate) and the other, being more of an independent voter, was just sick of the Bush regime and voted for change.  But at least he cast an informed vote, unlike a startling number of Obama supporters.

In my opinion, the results of these polls showed two things.  First, many of Obama’s supporters demonstrated deep ignorance of the facts as compared to McCain supporters.  And second, that ignorance was the result of a failure of the mainstream media to report anything that was damaging to their candidate of choice, Barack Obama.  Go look at the media-outlet results to see who did a better job of reporting the truth.

Journalism in America died during the 2008 election.  Since network news shows are largely supported by revenues generated by the network prime-time shows, please join me in writing down the advertisers during your favorite shows on the three big networks and contacting those companies to tell them that you will no longer buy their products because they indirectly support an inherently biased news outlet.

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