Executive Pay Cuts

[HT: Intellectual Conservative]

Patrick Mulligan at Intellectual Conservative has a great post about the hypocrisy of the Congress when it comes to their rantings about corporate greed and lack of responsibility given that they are doing a worse job, fiscally, than even most of the failing companies looking for a handout.  The closing point:

So in a show of good faith, I would like to see our federal leaders take the lead in fiscal accountability by refusing to accept a salary until, as they’ve demanded of the automakers seeking a bailout, they can demonstrate a plan to bring their enterprise into the black and repay their debt. Until then, Congress should just be grateful that, like the fat cat executives that they castigate, their pay is not determined by their performance, and avoid drawing undue attention to the fact with their hypocrisy.

Read the whole thing.

2 responses to “Executive Pay Cuts

  1. The paycuts should start with Obama since he is getting free room and board for his mother in law and his cousins in boston
    for more on responsibility see http://ngoldfarb.wordpress.com

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