Tree houses for grown ups

Popular Mechanics has compiled their top ten list of tree houses.  And these are not the little forts I had as a kid, these are more like what you see on the home improvement cable channels.  Pretty cool, and pretty expensive.  I wonder if anyone sells those lumber-to-tree brackets online.  I would like to build a viewing platform up in a Chestnut Oak on a high spot to catch those winter views but I do not want to just nail into the tree.

I did have one nice tree house in a huge oak in Atlantic Beach, Florida when I was a kid.  Given our location two blocks from the beach my step-dad and I opted to screen it in.  Man, I miss that tree house, it was nice.  It was actually in a huge fenced-in yard of a house that we had rented when I was a kid, a good half acre.  But ten or fifteen years ago they built another house in that side yard and I do not think that huge oak survived it.  No one has a big yard down there any more, they manage to fit a skinny & tall McMansion into any old side yards.

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