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A House Call at the Capitol

It would appear that a good crowd showed up for Michele Bachman’s call for a House Call to the House to protest Speaker Pelosi’s horrible health care bill.  I have managed to snarf some initial pictures from Twitter and will post more as I get them.

First, it seems obvious that the Speaker of the House has control of the Capitol Web Camera:

Capital Cam Shut Down

Does Pelosi control this, perhaps?

A short video taken from the steps.  Can you hear the crowd chanting “Nancy”?

12 Months From Fundamental Change

Crowd 4

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Tea Party Movie Trailer

I found a trailer for a Tea Party movie produced by a company called Ground Floor:


Hillary Was Right

That may be the only time that I ever utter those words.  But as we say out in the country, even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time.

Sign from the 9/12 Patriots March On Washington:

Hillary Clinton on dissent

More Photos from 9/12 in D.C. II

A big thank you to a friend of a friend for making the trip to DC and for taking these great photos.

9-12 Socialism Fascism BO

9-12 Tired of yelling at my TV

Joe Wilson had nothing on me, I was yelling at our empty-suit POTUS throughout his speech, which was typically full of obfuscation and word games.  Soaring rhetoric with no real substance.  POTUS did lie about illegals but of course the Left and their advocate journalists in the lapdog media let him get away with it.

9-12 Pennsylvania Ave

 Just in case TOTUS the President is wondering how close the mob got to his palace…

9-12 Long street shot

 9-12 Massive Crowd in the mall

9-12 No You Cant

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More photos from 9/12 in D.C.

First I want to show one from the blog It’s Getting Gloriously Dark Out There.  The lower line of the sign is obscured but blogger Stephanie reports that the sign says: “He had a dream, We got a nightmare”.  So true.

9-12 He Had A Dream

We got a nightmare

Also from Gloriously Dark, this panoramic photo of the mall:

9-12 GD - Panoramic Mall

A friend of mine who attended the march shared some photos as well.  Thanks, Wendy!

9-12 Obama Lies Grandma Dies

9-12 Put the Constitution on the Teleprompter

Would Obama read the constitution if we put it on the teleprompter?

 9-12 Acorn Will Not Grow


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Not the Party of “No”, the Party of “Hell No!”

If you attended the 9/12 march on Washington: THANK YOU!  Every one of you deserves the respect and sincere gratitude of every freedom-loving American.

Though I attended a huge rally on Tax Day and prepared to attend another one that ultimately got canceled, I could not make The Big One.  The 9/12 march on D.C. was far bigger than people seem to yet realize and one day you patriots will get to tell your grandchildren about being there, about standing up when your country needed you.

9-12 Wide View of Capitol

While Live 9-12 Web Cam shotI was watching the suspiciously scant news coverage of the 9/12 march one of the speakers, Sen. Jim DeMint (who you  might recall was lambasted for correctly calling Health Care POTUS’ Waterloo) said something that really struck me because it was so true.  He simply made the point that the people gathered behind him, hundreds of thousands of people, were the informed people in the debate.  Although we keep hearing the well-emailed DNC talking points about “right-wing misinformation” in this health care debate, the distortions in this important national discussion are overwhelmingly being propagated by those who support the Pelosi/Reid/Obama vision for government controlled health care.  From their dishonest use of the word “reform” to describe what is in fact destructive change to their two-faced games fighting against excluding illegal aliens from coverage, their game plan consist of falsehoods, mindless chants, and obfuscation.  Let’s not kid ourselves, people: with the post-speech bounce giving POTUS a few points, we have to gird ourselves for a long and nasty fight against the statists and their immoral ideology.

Michelle Malkin’s post linked to Looking at the Left which has some great photos of protestors and signs as well as some patriotic commentary, please give it a look.  Also, please watch the MSNBC video embedded on Michelle’s post or you can watch it directly here.  I was surprised at how honest and fair they were about it.

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The Real Culture War is not about moralism

The real “Culture War” in America is not about religion or abortion or gay marriage or anthropogenic climate change.  The real culture war being waged in this country, most recently evidenced by the well attended Tea Parties on tax day, is about the appropriate relationship between Government on one side and The People and our economy on the other side.  Arthur Brooks wrote a smart piece in the WSJ that outlines his view of the true culture war:

Despite President Barack Obama’s early personal popularity, we can see the beginnings of this schism in the “tea parties” that have sprung up around the country. In these grass-roots protests, hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans have joined together to make public their opposition to government deficits, unaccountable bureaucratic power, and a sense that the government is too willing to prop up those who engaged in corporate malfeasance and mortgage fraud.

That was exactly what I saw when I attended my (not quite) local Tea Party with 20,000 other very vocal citizens.  Brooks points out that these were regular people engaging in a true populist movement which he labeled as “ethical populism”:

The protesters are homeowners who didn’t walk away from their mortgages, small business owners who don’t want corporate welfare and bankers who kept their heads during the frenzy and don’t need bailouts. They were the people who were doing the important things right — and who are now watching elected politicians reward those who did the important things wrong.

After quoting some rather scary statistics about support for capitalism versus socialism among different age groups and different parties (“Republicans were 11 times more likely to prefer capitalism than socialism; Democrats were almost evenly split between the two systems”) he points out that government is helping this along:

The government has been abetting this trend for years by exempting an increasing number of Americans from federal taxation. My colleague Adam Lerrick showed in these pages last year that the percentage of American adults who have no federal income-tax liability will rise to 49% from 40% under Mr. Obama’s tax plan. Another 11% will pay less than 5% of their income in federal income taxes and less than $1,000 in total.

To put a modern twist on the old axiom, a man who is not a socialist at 20 has no heart; a man who is still a socialist at 40 either has no head, or pays no taxes. Social Democrats are working to create a society where the majority are net recipients of the “sharing economy.” They are fighting a culture war of attrition with economic tools. Defenders of capitalism risk getting caught flat-footed with increasingly antiquated arguments that free enterprise is a Main Street pocketbook issue. Progressives are working relentlessly to see that it is not.

I have always argued that collectivism, which I personally utilize as an umbrella term encompassing socialism, communism, marxism, maoism, etc, is inherently immoral in and of itself, regardless of what results come from it.  Collectivism says to me that I am owned by the government and am a cash cow to be milked for what they (Ellsworth Toohey’s all) deem to be the collective good.  I argue strenuously that collectivism is not different from slavery in kind, only in degree.  I was happy to see Brooks echo that sentiment, though perhaps in more toned-down terms than I just did:

Advocates of free enterprise must learn from the growing grass-roots protests, and make the moral case for freedom and entrepreneurship. They have to declare that it is a moral issue to confiscate more income from the minority simply because the government can. It’s also a moral issue to lower the rewards for entrepreneurial success, and to spend what we don’t have without regard for our children’s future.

Brooks ends with a pep talk about the present opportunities for free marketeers.

We had better continue what the Tea Parties started if we care about our childrens’ (and grandchildrens’) future.  Please read Brooks’ entire piece here and draw your own conclusions.

The GOP’s Comeback Tea Party

In an article over at the American Enterprise Institute, John Fortier talks about what it is going to take for the GOP to regain control in the long term.  He makes the valid point that the populism of the base may help in the 2010 midterm elections but that in the long term the GOP is going to have to reach out to people in the middle.

In the short term (i.e., the 2010 midterm), they don’t have to choose. If they play their cards right, Republicans can attract populists and moderates as they did in 1994, when they toppled entrenched Democratic majorities. But to reclaim power for the long term, the GOP will have to serve more crumpets and less rebellion.

I agree.  We need to find a way to get to the conservative moderates and, yes, conservative atheists.  Yes, friend, there are a lot of atheists who also do not believe in socialism.

The author draws parallels to the experiences of British conservatives and has some good advice for the US conservatives:

The Republican Party is not in as dire straits as British conservatives were from 1997 to 2005, but it is losing younger, more-educated voters as well as growing Hispanic and Asian immigrant groups. Its base is shrinking, and it needs to reach out. Compared with the Democratic Party, it will still be more socially conservative, more skeptical about the role of government in the economy and more willing to maintain and use military force.

But in each of these areas, Republicans will need to move to the middle, emphasizing deficit reduction and modesty in government, not tax cuts, and taking the edge off some social issues, showing greater tolerance for gays and more caution in deploying troops.

Prominent conservatives such as Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel have already inveighed against a mushy Cameronism. But her no-compromises Republican Party will remain in the minority, short of a monumental Democratic slip-up.

The author speaks the truth.  Do you hard core GOPers want to win or do you want to spew religious moralism all the time?  Pick one.

Is David Axelrod a moron or a liar?

Appearing on Face The Nation, Senior White House advisor David Axelrod was asked about the Tea Parties that occurred across the nation on April 15th.


Senior White House adviser David Axelrod on Sunday suggested the “Tea Party” movement is an “unhealthy” reaction to the tough economic climate facing the country.

Axelrod was asked on CBS’s “Face the Nation” about the “spreading and very public disaffection” with the president’s fiscal policies seen at the “Tea Party” rallies around the country last week.

“I think any time you have severe economic conditions there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that’s unhealthy,” Axelrod said.

You can never tell what a slimeball like Axelrod really thinks; people like him are just too good at playing the lying-and-obfuscation game.  But I would submit that he knows that the Tea Party movement is not an unhealthy reaction to the tough economic times but is in fact a healthy and vibrant reaction to President Obama’s unhealthy and stupifyingly unwise responses to the economic crisis.  The people at the Tea Parties are not the easily convinced, starry-eyed myrmidons who would applaud if Obama blew his nose or broke wind.  These are people who have been around the block before, who have seen Presidential economic decisions and their consequences before.  This was not a crowd that gets enamored by shiny objects – which is essentially how Mr Obama got elected.

I saw no “save me, I am a loser” signs (a la the Obama campaign) at the Atlanta Tea Party.  Other than the anti-bailout signs I saw nothing about the economy, but I did see a lot about Mr Obama’s collectivist response to the economic crisis.  These Tea Parties are not about the economic crisis, they are about opposing higher taxes and government growth that are being foisted upon us under the cover of the [largely government caused] economic crisis.

Mr Axelrod continues:

“The thing that bewilders me is that this president just cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people,” Axelrod argued. “I think the tea bags should be directed elsewhere because he certainly understands the burden that people face.”

Hmmmmm.  If anyone reading this actually believes that their taxes for 2009 or later will be lower than they are now, please comment on this post.  I have a relative in Nigeria who needs to get some cash out of the country and would share some of it with you in return for your help.  To those of you who are not net taxpayers, sponging off of the rest of us, I am sure that your Sugar Daddy President Collectivism will continue to rob other people to subsidize your lifestyle.  How else can he buy your loser vote? 

But seriously, that is just a pathetic response from Axelrod.  They could raise the tax rates on the most productive Americans up to 90 percent and they still would not be able to fund the President’s Brave New World.  Every single person in America who pays taxes will pay higher taxes as a result of Mr Obama’s huge spending.  I suspect that even some of the societal parasites who pay no taxes (approaching 50 percent) will see a decrease in the false-rebate welfare checks that they get simply for living within America’s borders.

I give credit to Carville for not toeing the line on calling the Tea Parties “unhealthy” and he has a point about the Tea Parties that is partly right:

Democratic strategist James Carville disagreed with Axelrod on CNN’s “State of the Union” when John King asked him if it’s unhealthy for “an American to go out and hold a sign and say ‘I think my taxes are too high.’”

Carville said, “No.” He called the Tea Party movement “harmless and damaging to Republicans.”

Carville has that partly right.  The Tea Party movement is damaging to Republicans who govern like Democrats: big spending, big government lovers.  This Tea Party movement is not coming from the GOP, it is going after the GOP.  Or at least the parts of the party who are indistinguishable from the Democrats.

Politicans, you need to be very afraid of the Tea Party movement.  We are the ones who fund this whole thing, the ones that President Obama is going to stick it to.  We are not going away because we know that the people that the Democrats are really sticking it to are our children and grandchildren.  Mr Obama clearly does not care at all about the future of this country when that priority stands in the way of his push for leviathan government.

I am ready for the next Tea Party.  It’s time to march on D.C.

In answer to the rhetorical question posed by the subject of this post: obviously, the latter.

CNN reporter becomes Anti Tea Party Obama spokesman

Showing once again why conservatives despise CNN, so-called reporter Susan Roesgen was completely unable to contain her obvious pro-Obama bias while “reporting” from the Tea Party in Chicago on tax day.

UPDATE: CNN got YouTube to pull the video to which I had linked.  Click here to see the embedded version instead.

The CNN reporter’s tone was mocking from the get go and her opinion on the subject of the protest is obvious even before she starts overtly defending the Obama administration.  Like a good MSM reporter she brought an agenda to the Tea Party in Chicago, and that agenda involved mocking and undermining it.  One sure way to piss off a thoughtful conservative is to bring a mocking and smirky attitude to a subject that they consider intellectually defensible.

The guy with the baby had a point that he was trying to make, convoluted as it was, but the reporter had no concern for what he was saying – she simply wanted to make her point.  It was about her…  and of course, her new Dear Leader.

As the guy tried to make his point about Lincoln’s position that we should be able to keep the fruits of our labor, this “reporter” actually starts attacking the premise that it could have anything to do with his taxes; I suspect that she wasn’t even listening, instead just waiting for the next opportunity to defend her beloved Barack.  As she essentially morphs into Robert Gibbs when she tries to tell the guy that he will get a new child tax credit she proves to any observer that she is nothing more than another Obama spokesman at CNN.

When the guy finally finishes his point the “reporter”, going into complete Obama defense, responds by telling him that his state (IL) gets $50 billion in the stimulus package.  It is interesting that when she continues her Obama defense, she turns to look at the camera as if this interview is all about her – perhaps this will help with the liberal bonafides that it takes to get into the beltway cocktail circuit.  She arrogantly sums up “the tenor” of the rally when handing back off to the anchor desk as “anti-government” and “anti-CNN” (because it was promoted by the “right-wing conservative network Fox”, she further editorializes).  She also claims that “this is not really family viewing” without providing any justification for that.

We are not anti-government, but are anti unconstitutional government.  The most fundamental position at the tea parties was that we cannot borrow trillions from future generations to spend on vote buying today.  That is how I see both the stimulus package and the budget: conventional liberal huge spending on vote buying schemes – simply every off-the-shelf collectivist program of the last 40 years carted out under the cover of the economic crisis.

The video I linked above from FoundingBloggers.com has more video taken by bystanders after the CNN story where a woman makes the point that the reporters are intentionally not talking to the mainstream people, instead seeking out people that they can perhaps caricature more effectively.  The woman going after the so-called reporter makes the point that the media wants to ignore: we are pissed at both parties.  The media wants to paint this as simply a bunch of sore-loser Republicans whipped up into a frenzy by evil rich Conservatives.  Interestingly, one never hears media criticisms of the incredibly evil George Soros and his always-astroturfing MoveOn.Org.

At the end the reporter even tries to get into the alleged “astro-turfing” allegations, questioning how all of these people found out about the tea party.  One has to surmise that since she knows that the media has been ignoring the Tea Party movement she does not understand how the proles found out about it.

I saw a sign at the Atlanta Tea Party that deserves a mention here:  CNN – YOU SUCK!